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DBF's Week 3 Nominees and Week 2 Winners!

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Welcome Back! Thanks for reading! I apologize for not getting to this yesterday, like I planned. If you aren't familiar with what is going on, I recommend you read the first post and catch up. And Here We Go!

The JaMarcus Russell Award- Last Week's Winner: Luke McCown, for his performance that ultimately got him benched the following week.
This Week's Nominees:
Tom Brady (30/45, 387, 4 TDs, 4 INTs): Four Interceptions. I know many were tipped, and I know he still had lots of other things good about his week. But four interceptions is really really bad.

Andy Dalton (17/32, 157, 2 INTs): Welcome to the NFL, rookie. Also, wasn't he supposed to be an accurate QB?

Colt McCoy (19/39, 210, 2 TDs, 1 INT): Another QB who I think is supposed to be accurate but gets a very bad completion percentage. And I don't think Miami's defense is that good.

Sam Bradford (16/32, 166, 1 TD, 1 INT): At this rate, I'm just going to repeat myself a bunch of times.

Kerry Collins and Curtis Painter (Combined 18/40, 153, 1 fumble): The Colts in some respects were fortunate to be in this game. The passing game ranged from Bad to Horrible.

The What The...? Award: Last Week's Winner- Andy Dalton, because I still get impressed when rookies do great. And when they appear on the JaMarcus list the following week.
This Week's nominees:
Alex Smith (20/30, 201): Clem, don't hurt me on this. Alex Smith may be alright this year. Second straight decent week.

Matt Hasselbeck (27/36, 311, 2 TDs): Remember in Escape From New York where everyone told the main character, Snake Plissken, that they thought he was dead? That's what I thought about Hasselbeck.

Eli Manning (16/23, 254, 4 TDs) and Victor Cruz (3 for 110, 2 TDs): Eli Manning has a great game without some of his starting receivers, and a guy I've never heard of has a monster game. Go figure. And against the "vaunted dream team" pass defense of Philly.

Darren McFadden (19 carries for 171, 2 TDs): Probably too good to be on this list, but maybe we should be talking about McFadden in the list of top RBs in the game today. Other than maybe Peterson, is there any RB you'd want other than him right now?

Joe Flacco (27/48, 389, 3TDs) and Torrey Smith (5 for 152, 3 TDs): Well, the good Baltimore is back. Flacco turned into a great player, and another receiver I've never heard of is the main beneficiary.

The Non-QB MOP: Last Week's Winner: Matt Forte. Yes, I'm a homer. I also only got one vote last week, so your opinions didn't help me. So, I decided to go with what I wanted. (No offense iwatt, Woodson was close).
This week's nominees:
Torrey Smith and Victor Cruz- See above.

Wes Welker (16 catches on 20 targets, 217, 2 TDs): Football Outsiders said it was the 8th best game by a WR in the last 20 years. I think that's about right.

Dwight Freeney (5 Tkl, 2 Sacks, 3 QB hits, 1 FF): Seemed like he just wanted to destroy any and all "OL" that Pittsburgh threw at him.

Jared Allen (5 Tkl, 3 sacks, 2 QB Hits, 1 FF): Everything I said about Dwight Freeney applies to Jared Allen, except he played a better offense in Detroit.

Did I miss anybody (because I probably did)? Who would you give your awards too? Please post below, let your voice be heard.

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  1. iwatt's Avatar
    JaWalrus award: my vote goes to the 4 million dollar mistake, Kerry Collins.

    The what the...: Torrey Smith at halftime his stats said 3 for 139 and 3 TDs

    N-QB MOP: Jared Allen.
  2. Amy's Avatar
    Does the JaMarcus award have to go to a QB? If not, then it should go to Green Ellis. 11 carries, 16 yards. 4 rushes of zero yards on X and goal from the 1 or 2. If it does, I agree with Iwatt. Collins. If the Colts had not signed him and Orlovsky, they could have Garrard and likely at least 1 win.
  3. DaBearsFan's Avatar
    I did specify that the JaMarcus Award is a QB specific award. This is because, since QBs get the most credit, they should also get the most blame (also, I only have so much time and the JaMarcus Award is so easy to figure out because QB box scores are really easy).
  4. DaBearsFan's Avatar
    In case someone sees this, due to scheduling conflicts, I will be most likely be unable to post the week 4 post. Last weeks winners are JaMarcus Award- Colts QBs (Collins was a little worse, both were bad so I'll give it to both of them). What the? - Torrey Smith . Non-QB MOP- Jared Allen.