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49ers Game Notes: Week 3

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49ers Game Notes

I missed watching the 49ers game live because I was at a church picnic. Luckily I DVR’ed the game and these are my in-game notes.

1st Quarter:
-- Apparently the Falcons are Pro-Breast Cancer because no one on Atlanta is wearing pink apparel. The 49ers are showing their support with pink Breast Cancer gloves, towels, and sweat bands.
-- Great special teams play by Taylor Mays at the back of the endzone, tippy toes for the TD after a blocked punt.
-- Way to stretch out for the TD Vernon Davis! 14-0 Niners!
-- I like the way the new Offensive Coordinator is getting the ball to Crabtree and Vernon Davis.
-- Touchdown by the Falcons to Harry Douglas on an illegal pick play with Tony Gonzales. Cheaters.

2nd Quarter:
-- Even the Refs are sporting pink whistles today. Nice touch zebras.
-- Fox Gamebreak: Rodgers throws another TD against the Lions. If only the 49ers had drafted that guy…
-- I love it when the refs really get into their calls. The side judge just waved off an incomplete pass like his life depended on it.
-- 49ers 2nd and 22: run up the middle to gore for 2 yards. WTF? Is that playcall because Alex Smith can’t throw the ball? We will have to see.
-- Gamebreak: Rodgers throws another TD. Back to the game and Alex Smith is pressured and overthrows Josh Morgan. What a contrast in the span of 10 seconds. A little F-you to 49ers fans everywhere.
-- Tip interception by Shawntae Spencer in the Red Zone. One of the reasons the 49ers are on an 0-3 slide: Not Creating Turnovers.
-- Great toss outside to Gore, lead blocker out in front. Picks up 13 yards.
-- Crabtree catches a little comeback for a first down. He does much better when he is facing the QB. Comebacks and hitches. That’s what he’s best at.
-- Josh Morgan please do something. Anything. I’ve been waiting for 3 years. Make a play.
-- When the 49ers pass the ball it opens up things for Gore. It sounds simple, but the 49ers don’t seem to get that concept sometimes.
-- Smith jump pass = Interception. Why? WHY?!?
-- Matt Ryan has a cannon. He slings the ball. Sometimes he overthrows it, but it must be nice knowing your QB can actually get the ball to your receivers.
-- If you’re a cornerback and you let the wide receiver get wide open but he drops the ball, why do you celebrate? You got burnt!
-- 14-7 49ers at half.

3rd Quarter:
-- Do the 49ers EVER pass on first down? Ever? You know to mix it up a little?
-- New Offensive Coordinator Mike Johnson’s Gameplan: Give it to Gore. Over and over. That will keep his job. He thinks.
-- Gamebreak: Sick cutback by DeAngelo Williams to take lead over the Saints. Its amazing how you never know who’s good and who’s bad in the NFL from week to week.
-- Bench Alex Smith please.
-- Total flop by an ATL O-linemen to draw a personal foul. Damn it. First down Falcons.
-- Huge sack by 49ers D on 3rd and 8 to force Falcons FG. 14-13 49ers.
-- Even when Smith throws a 3 yard swing pass to Gore its inaccurate. Gore gets tackled easily after hauling in the ball.
-- Gamebreak: LT runs for a Jets TD. Most yards he’s had in a game since 2007. Its vs the Bills but still. He looks pretty good this year.
-- 49ers keep putting pressure on their Defense to hold the Falcons Offense from coming back. I don’t like the looks of this…
-- Don’t throw it to Morgan. He’s done. Stick a fork in him.

4th Quarter:
-- 49ers D looks tired and the Falcons bring in Jason Snelling who has fresh legs. This is not good.
-- 49ers get the ball: 10:21 left, 14-13. Gotta have a good drive here.
-- Smith throws a fade that lands 10 yards out of bounds. The refs throw a flag for Pass Interference, but then pick it up because the pass was so terrible. FML.
-- Josh Morgan is alive! First down!
-- Gamebreak: Steelers up 14-10 over Ravens after Mendenhall runs for a TD. That team has all the makings of a SuperBowl contender. Great D. Run the ball. And then Big Ben comes back. Look out NFL.
-- First Down 49ers! Rolling!
-- Smith drops back to pass, A Gap blitz, under pressure, Smith decides to ground the ball. 49ers out of Field Goal position. Punt. I get this horrible feeling in my stomach that that will come back to hurt them.
-- Gamebreak: McNabb is shaking hands and joking with Eagles before the game. He should be pissed off and want to kill those guys. I don’t get that.
-- Matty Ice? I haven’t seen that all game.
-- Fumble by Clemens…… GODDAMNIT!!!! WHY not run out of bounds! Or Fall on it. Or cover it with both hands. God damn it………
-- 2 straight catches for Roddy White. Why not double cover White. Triple cover him. Hold him. Hit him with a machete. Anything!
-- Make that 3 catches. He’s shredding the defense.
-- 43 yard Field Goal. Singletary does the timeout before the kick thing that never works. Falcons kick on the timeout and get a practice try. Then the Falcons bury the kick. They only led the game for 2 seconds, but they were the most important ones.

FINAL TOUGHTS: 49ers have now lost by all conceivable ways this season. By Road blow out. Shooting themselves in the foot vs a better team. A rout by a up-and-coming team. And now a Road Comeback loss on a game they controlled from start to finish. 0-4.

This team has some real decisions to make. I think they should bench Alex Smith and try David Carr. Last year they faced the same decision at week 5; Shaun Hill was the starter and they brought out Alex Smith for the rest of the season. Now they face the same situation with Smith vs. Carr. He is 17th in passing percentage (60.5%), but Smith is 25th in the league in Yards per Attempt (6.15) and he does not stretch the field at all. All he throws is hitches and dump offs to Gore. They cannot win with him under center.

If Alex Smith can’t pass the ball farther than 6 yards accurately, he needs to sit. He has been given a chance. More than a fair chance. This is Singletary’s job on the line now. And what’s to lose? THEY ARE 0-4!!!

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