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Journal Of A Mad NFL Fan Super Bowl XLVI

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Super Sunday! Eli Manning & Tom Brady battled it out for the Final Four Quarters Of Football in the 2011 NFL Season. The game was a bit of a true chess match in terms of the pace & the way the scoring was going. Then, there was the fourth quarter! How about that fourth quarter! Football Fans have to feel like they got their money's worth from this playoff stretch. Yes; I did pick the Patriots to win. I was wrong but the final moments of the game could have been anyone's! One Twitter was right. The last three football games were a Football Fan's dream. Just Awesome to witness The League get these kinds of games this so consistently each year. Love It. Before we spaz out over Six Months of no football, I wanna send one last NFL 2011 Season Thanks & Props to,, NFL Network & NBC for the information/ details/ clarifications & more. Let's unleash the Madness, Super Bowl XLVI style:

-New England Patriots: Let's start with the night before the Super Bowl. No crazy "rain" stories! LOL But, cutting WR Tiquan Underwood about 24 hours before the Super Bowl is Wild Crazy! Rules need to be changed. Shalise Manza Young stated that he was in the team photo session. Ian Rapoport tweeted that word of the cut only came on SAT. It was cool to see players & media tell Tiquan to keep his head up & the fact that he was keeping his head up as well. He was a strong dude by way of his tweets. A closer look needs to be done. That is not cool at all. Folks will say that the Patriots lost due to that very event. I don't follow the whole karma thing. But I know What Goes Around, Comes Around! LOL You can't just do that to a Guy. What's done is done. May Ti find a new place soon. Now, Tom Brady. Remember, Tom Brady admitted to playing badly in the AFC Championship Game when talking during the AFC Championship trophy display show after the game. He promised Bob Kraft that he'd play better in the Super Bowl. In the Super Bowl XLVI [yeah, I'm a Roman Numerals kinda dude! LOL], Tom Brady was 27/41, 276 yards, two TDs & one INT. Not pretty like we are used to seeing. A decent job from Tom usually can signal a close win for New England or the opposition getting to the Patriots & keeping up with them the whole game. As I suspected, Belichick again threw the kitchen sink out there with numerous players in receiver positions. Obvious fact. However, we usually can get a guy with about 80 or 100 yards. Not in this one. Bill Parcells said on "Mike & Mike In The Morning" that he'd plan a little something extra like an onside kick & such when making his game plan. The Super Bowl is the place for that. Belichick didn't shock us with anything we saw. The fact that Brady had the ball in his hands with under a minute left to play in the fourth quarter was shocking enough. Maybe it's me, but Belichick doesn't surprise me anymore. Nothing takes me out of my seat anymore; At least not after that 4th & 2 in Indy a few season ago! Also, that was the last time the Patriots played in IND! Tom Brady's legacy will not be tarnished as a first ballot Hall of Famer. He's got skill & success to show he's a winner. I think there's going to be a different kind of view of him from fans after this but he's still worthy of the #1 Player in the League status. Going to 5 Super Bowls & winning 3 of them with MVP honors attached is an Incredible feat. Now, that Intentional Grounding Call in the first quarter in the Giants' Red Zone when the Patriots had the ball equaled, a safety! So THIS is why Al & Cris study up on their rules! LOL Anything can happen in any NFL game! Kurt Warner & Joe Namath disagreed with the call on Twitter. Sounds like a QB thing! After a third quarter possession, Tome Brady was said to be looked by the whole medical staff because of concern with his shoulder. Seemed just fine during the rest of the game but attention was necessary for the Franchise, or Sanchize. LOL! Danny Woodhead had a TD in Super Bowl XLVI. Al Michaels schooled us that it was his only TD during the 2011 season, regular or post. On the second half opening series for the Patriots, Chad Ochocinco had a catch, his only one of the game, & he went for 21 yards. Aaron Hernandez was eight catches for 67 yards with one TD. He was the leading receiver for New England in Super Bowl XLVI & he had a crazy dance afterwards too LOL! He had a third quarter opening drive TD from the Pats & that was what NE needed. However, it's crazy the way that you think something is going to happen, versus what does happen. I thought the Pats would be able to dominate better than they did especially with the good season that the receivers and tight ends had. Any Given Sunday. [or Monday/ Thursday/ Saturday or sometimes Tuesday! LOL] So, what about Deion Branch? The grizzly veteran that Tom Brady hated to see go to SEA a while back? Branch had 45 yards on three receptions. In the fourth quarter, Branch didn't haul in a catch aimed at him. Hernandez was the same way in the next play. Also in the fourth quarter? Brady got sacked by Justin Tuck! That lead the drive to go to 4th down! In Indy! Again! Branch converted the 4th down with about 32 seconds left in the 4th quarter. Then the ball is caught at 17 seconds left. Giants had too many men on the field penalty & on the second down, Branch caught the pass out of bounds with FIVE seconds left to go in the fourth quarter. It was observed on a NE possession in the fourth quarter that Gronkowski was not in with the offense; he was on the last play of Super Bowl XLVI. He was in the end zone when Brady aimed & fired but it was incomplete! Gronkowski was surrounded by numerous Giants & the Patriots lost 21-17. Wow. I do recall Tom Brady saying in 2008 for Super Bowl XLII, that the Giants should give them more credit than to think that they could score more than 17 points in that Super Bowl. Welp; that proved to be true for this one! It was a solid year for the Patriots with the #1 seed in the AFC in the 2011 season, Brady an MVP candidate after Drew Brees & Aaron Rodgers, & going far for Myra Kraft. Props to Bob Kraft for fighting on during the lock-out & helping to end it. Significant that Kraft got a public Thank You from Colts Center Jeff Saturday & he ends the season playing in Saturday's house. Not a good feeling when he left but yet he's seen his team in the Super Bowl six [6] times since he's been the owner. Not half bad. They are 3-3 since going with the 1996 team but yet the latter era speaks volumes about the intricate brand of football that they Krafted together! Some of the vivid things that stand out the hours and days after is the Wes Welker incomplete pass. He took responsibility of his drop in the fourth quarter with a lil' bit over four minutes left to play. He said he let the team down. I like the maturity but it wasn't just his doing. There's things that happen out there that are key but yet, it's not all one guy's fault. Like a win, the loss is shared too. Whether third downs aren't converted or passes are too high or out of bounds, it's all in that way too! Now, some folks take leadership of the reason for the loss LOL. Gotta laugh sometime. Shannon Sharpe mentioned on Twitter how classless it was of Belichick not to give a post game interview. Notice that NBC had no footage of him after that loss. Michele Tafoya has run into this before. She tried too during that Jacksonville Jaguars playoff game about 2006 & same thing again this time. He talked to Chris Myer of FOX about the loss after Super Bowl XLII in 2008. Oh Well. Peter King says that Belichick won't talk to him either. That's the nature of the situation & still sorta Life In The League LOL. NBC showed Bob Kraft watching the incomplete pass in the end zone as time expired. Bro Dude looked dejected as time ran out & the pass wasn't completed. It's a sad sight to behold but This is a Good team. They are going to be a good example of how to play the game with the talent at each position when the modern era Patriots are reviewed; the chemistry was there during the year also & helped to propel them. That also wasn't all one player The last four seasons have been unpleasant to bare for many Patriot fans with the way the season ended but they still are Very Well Coached. Players are incredible with the way they buy into the Belichick Way. He didn't win them all, but Captain Hoodie Bill is still the Gold Standard. Some Legacy he has. Gronkowski's ankle was the ankle heard around the world. Irony of it: Colts' Dwight Freeney's ankle was an issue going into Super Bowl XLIV & the Colts lost. Same thing with Gronkowski & the Giants with the same result. In both those Super Bowls, a former Parcells coach won.

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    <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Cont inued

    -New York Giants: HEY! Eli I Elite. He started off the preseason proclaiming it & he ends the whole season proving it. Eli Manning, who is growing out of the Peyton's Lil Brother role, has gotten himself a second Super Bowl victory AND a second Super Bowl MVP! He's one up on Peyton right now on both those! Think it's coincidence that the day after, we hear reports that Peyton is willing to rework his contract to be more compensation based than loaded with guaranteed money? NO! LOL Peyton is competitive & this does it. Eli wins Super Bowl XLVI in his brother's hizzie & against the same team he won his first Super Bowl title against. As a Cowboys & Eagles fan, both of whom are in the same division as the Giants, I hope they are motivated like Peyton is getting! LOL! GOT TO! Eli gets my props. As a lil' brother myself, I know the feeling! LOL Those stepping out of the shadow moments are Awesome. Coming up to high standards is Pretty Sweet. In Super Bowl XLVI, Eli was 30/40, 296 yards & one TD. He's MVP alright. He went to Disney World, on Letterman & the Parade will happen in NYC today @ 11 AM EST with NFL Network airing it Live. It's a Good Day/Week/Year for Giants fans. How about that safety for NYG. One Man's Intentional Grounding is another Man's Safety! The first score of the game came from Victor Cruz. He did the salsa dance after his TD; sad to hear of no "La Isla Bonita" while he danced or during Halftime. Oh Well; Thanks YouTube. On the day, the UMass product had 25 yards on four catches. It's cool since he had the TD. That's what counts most. Aside from obvious lines like that one, Travis Beckum TE for the Giants tore his ACL per Mike Freeman of CBS Sports on Twitter & was ruled out per Michele Tafoya during Super Bowl XLVI. That's rough. Glad he'll get his ring but hate to think when he'll be back. Heal strong, Man. Later in the game, Jake Ballard had an injury which got him sidelined & he was out per Michele on Twitter from the @SNFonNBC feed. NBC's cameras showed him trying to walk but he fell right over on the ground. Best Wishes to Bro Man. He's a lively dude on Twitter; I hope he will get well soon. At the end of the second quarter, Jason Pierre Paul [JPP] had a stop in the red zone. That was his effectiveness on further display. The attendance announced was 68,658 according to Ty Dunne on Twitter. He's a Packers Beat Writer; connection of course is that the Packers are the previous Super Bowl Champion. Jason Pierre-Paul was shaken in the third quarter but appeared to be fine; he was in a Chase Blackburn pile. There was a Chase-Drew Brees commercial that aired during the Super Bowl too! LOL Blackburn was also in a highlight that Tom Brady would like to forget. Blackburn had an INT that went long in the fourth quarter. Al & Cris told us that Blackburn was a substitute teacher when he was brought in by the Giants in November. It was noted as the first turnover in Super Bowl XLVI as I thought others would come. However, on the QB side, Eli stayed turnoverless! Yup; It's a word now! LOL NYG had two close INTs but none noted through the fourth quarter. Antrel Rolle was also shaken & was on sideline for a bit in the fourth quarter but looked fine. He was congratulatory on Twitter after the game. Very incredible feeling this thing is; I imagine & can feel it from the winners each year. Despite the review of the fourth quarter catch with less than four minutes left, the Manning to Manningham play was pretty Sweet. Manningham was 73 yards from five catches. Eli has been able to have his story turned around this year with some help & Manningham has been there for another key play I noticed earlier in the playoffs. That's the way to do it. Justin Tuck, who was also happy on Twitter after the game, was responsible for sacking Tom Brady which brought Brady & Bunch to 4th down! In IND! LOL. Crazy but true. The vivid play here was that Bradshaw play where he as going to stop on the one yard line but he walked into the end zone as the New England defense let him walk in. New England of course wanted it happen to happen as it was the way for them to let Brady work his skills late in the 4th quarter, again. It was said that Eli told Bradshaw not to score & get down but Bradshaw mentioned after the game that it was the momentum that was in him that propelled him to go in anyway. It was a bit over one minute left & Tom Brady got the ball back. I think with any team except the Giants, that would be a problem! Nonetheless, the Giants got the win fair & square. This is great to see them get their 4th title in team history. Now Mrs. Mara can yell at folks in a happy way! LOL When the Lombardi Trophy came around to the players, The Late Show Twitter account caught what I saw live: Biff Henderson kissed the trophy as it was coming down the aisle to the stage on the field! LOL That Dude. Other funny scenes after the game: Victory Cruz [yup; call him that now! LOL] had rabbit ears behind him for a couple of moments from the lady who put a mic on him as he went on the NFL Network set; Deion Sanders of NFL Network asked Eli to start off the "I Believe In Eli" song & he did! LOL He said "I Believe" & Deion & Marshall Faulk too the rest LOL; & Tom Coughlin got a post game embrace from FLAVA FLAV! YEAH BOY! SUPER BOWL! LOL. These guys made it; did the thang & no one can take it away from them. Also, when Cris calls Pats Super Bowls they are 1-1. When Al calls Giants Super Bowls, they are 2-0. Eli deserves that Corvette [wish for him is was a Shelby Mustang but oh well LOL]. This is team is happy & they know it. Give them their props; rightfully so.

    I'm happy for those who made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame as the Class of 2012. They certainly earned it. Curtis Martin is an alumni with the skill & records to prove that he deserves the Hall Call. He's the player that I saw play after becoming a Football fan back in 2002, ten seasons ago. That's why I was disappointed that Bill Parcells didn't get in on the first ballot. He has players already in. He's taken each team he coached to the playoffs. He's gone to three Super Bowls & won two of them. Parcells' first was also the Giants' first Super Bowl win. I also hate that Cris Carter didn't get in. I feel it is media bias. They didn't like his treatment of them while he played, so now he pays the price!?!?!? Grow Up. This must stop. According to, there were seven Men who were inducted last year. Seven. How Many this year? Six! SIX! They left one of them on the floor. No Parcells, No Cris Carter & No Andre Reed. No Tim Brown who said on Twitter to Raider Nation not to watch because no WR was getting in this year---before the telecast began! This has to hurt bad. So much hard work & sacrifice & then this let down happens. May they get in very soon. They all are Hall of Famers. The Super Bowl Halftime Show was good. I do wish more songs were sung. I felt like that was a good list but there were so many other great hits to bring back. I feel like 53 is not ancient; there's a YouTube video of Tina Turner just smashing Nutbush City Limits in 1996 when she was 56. Earlier that year, the Super Bowl Halftime show was with Diana Ross & she was the only main performer & ended it being lifted off in a helicopter. Wonder what the bills are for those things? LOL It was an eventful weekend certainly.

    So. We're here. It's February 7th. No Football until August 5th, 2012. Well Hot Trash. This is gonna be Nuts. I guess it's time to leave the house now LOL. I have plenty of time to spare.

    Thanks so much for following this Mad Journal. It's been an awesome way to celebrate my ten seasons of Football Love. This thing is Incredible & I have more fun each year. Here's to NFL 2012.