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The kicking game

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An excellent kicker is worth more money than might be imagined. Right now, and despite the amazing display put on in fifteen minutes yesterday afternoon when the three best kickers in the game today, Tucker, Walsh, and Zeuerlein, all pushed a field goal try wide right, those guys are gold. The dropoff to merely very good is this: You probably lose one or two extra games because your kicker isn't one of them (I don't count Gostkowski because he plays for the devil team.) You probably make two or three more games more likely to lose by not also consistently getting kickoff touchbacks. Let's say you do lose one of them. Two more losses means no home field, maybe no playoffs. Like gold.

An excellent long snapper the same. The year Buffalo dumped Mike Never Made A Bad Snap Schneck for Ryan One A Day Neill, they lost three games directly attributable to bad snaps on field goals. Don't get rid of one the minute his minimum guarantee goes up unless you have a better one waiting in the wings. Also don't do it just to be cute, Jauron.

Punters - Same thing. They don't need to be swapped out as often as they are. In the punting game, do not sell your coverage units short unless they suck.

Oh, and if we catch a kick off fewer than 8 yards deep in the end zone, and our return game is any good? It's coming out. Apply pressure whenever and wherever you can.

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  1. ScottDCP's Avatar
    I will count Gostkowski among the top 4 if and only if Buffalo wins tonight.