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2 Minute Drill

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I want Campbell's soups, with help from Donovan of course, to come out with a new recipe for a chunky soup named the 2 Minute Drill...gravy like texture filled with mutton, because that apparently is what McNabb has turned into...or has he? He didn't have a terrible game (17-30, 210 yds, 1 INT, 1 TD) and he also had a 36 yard run early in the 2nd quarter. So McNabb gets sacked with 2:15 to go on 4th down. Fine. Detroit kicks a FG to make it a 6 point game, meaning Washington needs a TD to extend the game at this point (1:50). Redskins get the ball at the 30, needing a TD, with zero timeouts left. Assuming Shanny is thinking he needs to go 70 yards, instead of just 35-40 to get into field goal range, he goes with Grossman, who assumedly is faster hudddling up to the line if they DO connect on a passing play down the field. We all know the outcome, but 2 things concerning that: Detroit scored to put the game essentially out of reach, yet Grossman stayed in, as opposed to McNabb coming back in. I think Shanny felt he had made his decision and refused to swallow it and put Donovan back in seeing that it didn't REALLY matter at this point. Secondly, who WOULD have ran the offense better, say, had Grossman not gotten sacked and given up the ball. I'm guessing Shanny had some motive in his head other than what he told the media, and maybe Rex CAN get up to the line quicker, and possibly call a play quicker in the 2 minute offense, but Donovan can scramble better, avoid the front 4 of the Lions bettter, throws a very low percentage of picks throughout his career, has a much stronger arm (although everyone knows I love when Rex unleashes the dragon!), and has been in the whole game. Rex was sitting on the bench, and rightly so, so why throw him in at the end. Also, NO ONE has mentioned KYLE Shanahan's name through all of this. Do you think he agreed with his Father's decision (not like it matters if he does or doesn't). I bet the most joyous Redskin of all this week is Fat Albert though...finally the pressure has been lifted off of him, for a brief time at least.

The World Series felt weird this year. I didn't care who won, I didn't hate it, I GUESS I enjoyed the games haha...just felt very indifferent. I was happy that 3 of the 4 former Chicago players won a ring (or another), but I still have hatred for Uribe and his strikeouts. Game 1 consisted of me sitting in a bar and ending up cheering for Texas just because some barfly had money on them for that game, and it gave us something to cheer for, even though they lost. I watched the last 4 innings or so of last night's clinching game for SF, and I will say this: never, and I mean NEVER, have I hated McCarver more than what he said in the 9th inning. Maybe it's because I grew up in the 90s, but what he said was insane to me. First of all, yes, Lincecum was en fuego. He had great stuff all night. McCarver said Bochy was making the wrong decision going to his CLOSER (who has a win, 5 saves (6 afterwards), 4:1 K/BB ratio, and ZERO ER throughout the playoffs) in a 3-1 ballgame. Yes, Lincecum had only thrown 101 pitches (71 strikes, 10 Ks) but how do you NOT go to your closer in that situation? I guess that's why I'M at home and McCarver gets to attend World Series games...FML!

I'm not a celebrity, and I don't have a sports radio show, but I got a little offended when Waddle (former NFL WR) and Silvy (I used to intern for him, and he's more of a Bulls and Cubs fan than Bears fan) had the stars of FX comedy "The League" on. Now, if I am a sports fan (which I am), and I hear a new comedy is coming out based in Chicago (where their radio show is, and where Silvy grew up and Waddle played) based on fantasy football, wouldn't you watch? Especially after a short 6 episode season that got great reviews? They had 2 of the guys on a couple weeks ago, and I was shocked that not only did neither Silvy nor Waddle ever watch the show, but they had no clue what it was really about. Shocked me to say the least! I can't recommend it enough though, it's a very funny show, and for those that watch, Taco is slowly starting to take over in my opinion.

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  1. iwatt's Avatar
    The McNabb thing is puzzling. I think there is a lot going in there, maybe another Shanahan power Struggle?
  2. DannyMilk's Avatar
    and now the huge contract, at a terrible time...WEIRD!