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Holy Crap, I am on...

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I think I may be the first person not named Andy to post a blog on the FPL website. First I would like to thank God, my wife, my mom, etc.....

But seriously, football starts tomorrow. I couldn't be happier about that. I get my fill with the NFL on this website. I don't get it much in Western Kentucky because, well, it is Western Kentucky. We don't have any sports teams. But that's cool. I have FPL. Just a few thoughts...

I think about the possible lockout situation and how the players showed their collectives butts the other night. I think about owners that have the windpipe of the players money stream in their hands, ready to pounce. I think of a league office that has a bit too much arrogance, and the director of the NFLPA who needs a horse bit due to "Over Talking Director Syndrome".

I think about how lucky I am that I'm not a diehard hockey fan, even though my favorite sport is getting ready to go through the same thing, even with supposedly un-Bettman-ish leadership. Sometimes I wonder what the reaction of the regular fan would be if a lost year came to fruition. What the heck would we do? Go to tennis? I doubt it. if you had a prized milk cow, would you stop milking her for another dollar a gallon? In the present sense, you wouldn't make THAT much more a month, but you could stand the chance of people leaving for other milk. The NFL is that prized cow, and I am very afraid most people are going to leave for different milk.

I think about how a guy who signed a big contract could have the grapefruits to not come to work for a bigger one. That's right, actually WORK for a bigger one. What ever happened to honoring your commitment? Maybe I am just turning 60 at 29, but that makes no sense to me. Imagine who the folk hero Revis Island would be if he hadn't done what he did. He, could, be, like, Charles, Woodson.... Look, I know Woodson is no Revis, but the guy signed a contract and didn't hold out, then proceeded to claim his want-to retire a Packer. Seems to me like Woodson did it the right way.

I wonder why the NFLPA is screwing the former players out of old Madden money. It just seems shady. And while we're on the subject, why in the world would you not take care of the former players. Those guys built this league, and they get crapped on. Makes no sense to me. That union is unlike any union that any of us have ever been in. The power wielded multiplied by the dollars at stake makes them a totally different beast.

Finally, think about a football fan. Show me a movie buff that keeps watching bad movies (see the Rams fan). Show me a stockbroker that keeps buying the stock really low waiting for a jump (see the Lions fan). Show me a painter that keeps making good money at the starving artist shows, but can't seem to break through since his last good painting (see the Packers fans). Finally, show me someone that has been through Hell on Earth, and finally gets redemption (see the Saints fans). All of that is football at its finest.

Lets play some frickin' football.

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  1. bluestree's Avatar
    Yeah, first guy to post on a blog!!! I rock!!
    OK, anyway. You bring up lot's of tasty topics, Fess. I'll just bloviate on a couple;
    Woodson. Absolutely, he did it the right way. And something else I find interesting. You know, he didn't want to play in Green Bay. He wasn't happy in Oakland (shocking, I know), but only GB and Tampa wanted him, and the Bucs wanted him to play safety. They said he couldn't play corner anymore. The Packers told him he could play corner, they wanted him to play corner, so he reluctantly signed. He wasn't happy when he got there, but slowly, the Packer organization made him a believer. The Green Bay Packers are one of the most structured franchises. They leave nothing to chance, and they pay a lot of attention to their players. They have guys like Edgar Bennett and Rob Davis, working under people like Reggie McKenzie that understand the young guys and try to find the ones that have the qualities that they look for. Guys that have their heads screwed on straight. Family oriented guys. Guys they think can thrive in Green Bay, which lets face it, is bit of a culture shock for most players. So now Woodson has bought in, he's playing his best ball (two more productive years and I think he's a hall of famer), and as we've seen in his charity work, he's not only Player of the Year, but Man of the Year.
    I think about Aaron and JerMike and Jennings. Man, these guys are in the perfect place to surpass all expectations. How great is that? To have guys who can develop an Aaron Rodgers, we are lucky.

    On a not so positive note, the subject of retired players; the union basically says they have no standing to represent the retired players. Technically, that's correct. I also think todays player's to a certain extent look at the retired players and think "if they had taken a stand back in the day, I wouldn't have to risk my income to get what I think is fair for my work, what I need to retire." Likewise there is sometimes an undercurrent of jealousy by older ex-players who feel they built the league and now these guys are cashing in.
    Well, if the teams belong to the owners, and the players have no equity, then it is the league that owes the older players, if anyone does. But the NFLPA does do a little for older players, and I'm sure will continue do do something, but in the event of a lockout, I would look for such contributions to dry up.
    Updated 09-11-2010 at 06:53 PM by bluestree
  2. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
    Nice Post Fess!! This is going to be an Awesome season & I'm glad its Back To Football!! Its Back Its Real & It starts mere hours after this post!!! I Love It Everyday of the Week!!!
  3. FessJL0861's Avatar
    You know, most people don't know the stuff our boy Woodson has done off the field too. That guy is a champ in every sense of the word. And to think he was almost labeled a bust a few years ago.
  4. DannyMilk's Avatar
    We are 5 weeks in, and already I forgot the feeling of not having feels like 5 months ago! Congrats on the first blog post! Many more to come!!!