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Players Demonstrate Solidarity

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LMAO! Who loves ya', baby? Fess, you're my brother from another mother.
This is a testament to how awesome this site is. I cannot think of anyone I disagree with more, on more issues, than my man Bluestree. The best part of this is, that we are both die hard Packer guys who agree on everything football and cooking. Middle East Peace talks? Nahh. Getting two guys to reach across the isle? Football...

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  1. SpartaChris's Avatar
    LOL! Amen to that!
  2. BuckeyeRidley's Avatar
    LOL Nice Fess; Packers fans gotta stick together!! Ya'll Title Town & the NFC North is always Rockin'!!

    P.S. GO E-A-G-L-E-S EAGLES Week One!!! LOL I had to do it! LOL
  3. FessJL0861's Avatar
    Oh, Matt, the Iggles chant..... NOOOOOO!!!!