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Bears Packers Still Not Sinking In

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This has never happened before. Not sure what to expect. Well, I know what to expect, but I also know it will be more emotional. I took off work, I'm going for a last desperation attempt to get tickets, but most likely just going to my buddy's townhouse, have some drinks, and food of course. I can't even say how I'll feel regardless of what the result will be. I like this Packer team, but when it comes down to games like this, the anger and hate come out just happens.

To the lovely (truly mean that) Packer fans on here...good luck...but I have one last thing to say:

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  1. iwatt's Avatar
    I can't wait for's gonna be awesome!!
  2. darvon's Avatar
    Do you realize that 3 of the NFC north teams have gone to the NFC Championship game in the last two years? All know who.
  3. DannyMilk's Avatar
    haha baby steps...I truly think, if they keep doing what they're doing, that they'll get there eventually
  4. Pruitt's Avatar
    My wife is a patient and uncomplaining woman when it comes to my sports-fandom. She cares so little for sports that she was probably the only adult in Canada who did not watch the Canada-USA Hockey final at the Olympics last year.

    Although she's a Canadian now, she is a Chicago native, and suddenly started showing interest when I told her the Bears were in the NFC Championship game (or as I had to explain it, "the Semi-Finals"). So she's going to be cheering like crazy for the Bears on Sunday, while I was thinking of wagering on the Packers.

    Maybe I'll make a "special bet" with her on the outcome.

    In my fantasy world, it would be the start of a great letter to Penthouse Forum.

    In reality, a Bears cover would probably mean painting the kids' bedrooms.

    Such is married life.
  5. DannyMilk's Avatar
    haha...for some reason (W or L) I don't see this one being close for some reason...I'm thinking 42 17 or 34 10...idk why
  6. iwatt's Avatar
    It's gonna be a shootout, because all the talking heads will predict a close one...