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I'm On 3 Hours Sleep...

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*yes, just a repost from the thread*

I'm On 3 Hours Sleep...
...and that's 2 more hours than I was's 7 AM round these parts, and there's no chance I can fall back asleep...running through the gambit of emotions right now, and it is eerily quiet in my Irish neighborhood on the South Side right I think about todays game, the last 26 years of my life go through my head. The Bears are about tradition, and no, it's NOT just a game, and it's NOT just a sport. It's about growing up a certain way. Allowing a football team, and the way they play, to help determine how you go through life and how you deal with said life's struggles. It reminds me of the little things...raking leaves while listening to the radio broadcasts Sunday afternoons...going to church as a kid and counting the amount of men turning up their earpieces after communion as the Bears kickoff at Noon. These games are what we deserve, after my generation had to sit through year after year of underachieving, heartbreak (Hello Peyton Manning), and just plain stinking up the joint (Hello Cade McNown). This game is about every man and woman that came before you, and taught you that Green Bay smelled and was a worthless city (sorry GB friends haha). In 2006, when the game was out of reach, I sat there and cried. I didn't sob, I didn't bawl my eyes out, I just steadily cried for 2 hours. It felt like all I had worked for, all I had cheered for, all I had suffered through...well, we, Bears fans, DESERVED to win for putting up with putrid season after lackluster year, much like the Cubs stomach punch from 2003, which quite frankly no one has recovered from. If Da Bears lose today, it will sting for a VERY long time. Life will move on, the city will be quiet for a few days, but what our fans are all about is resiliency, grit, and toughness. May Sweetness and Halas watch over us, and guide us to victory!

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