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Thread: Draft wrap up

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    Draft wrap up

    Charlie Goldsmith


    Zac Taylor: “The depth up front on both sides of the ball, we felt that was something we needed to address.” “Getting those two (extra) fourth round picks really helped us."

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    Marisa Contipelli


    Zac Taylor likes the depth they’ve added upfront to both sides of the ball this weekend.

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    Draft wrap up

    Taylor speaks

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    Ravens GM also mentioned how important the Senior Bowl was this year due to Covid limiting seeing guys in person

    Lindsay Patterson



    was a great way to kick off the scouting season for us and we got a lot of guys from that game - Zac Taylor

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    Seven of ten picks on offensive or defensive line. Much needed depth and competition in those rooms. Shelvin my low key favorite swing there.

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    thing that stands out about all three edge guys to me:

    All 3 have relentless motors

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    Lindsay Patterson



    We have created competition there - Zac Taylor on the offensive line

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    slot WR?

    Lindsay Patterson



    Zac Taylor said an area they are going to target with additional free agent players, but he laughed and wasn’t ready to say a word about it.

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    Ben Baby


    Zac Taylor suggests that the Bengals looked at adding LBs and secondary guys but they got swooped up before the Bengals were on the clock.

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